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Sherry Costello

Sherry Costello truly believes that every home has a story. Her passion for her profession is rooted in the belief that our homes are our sanctuaries; they’re our places of comfort and the result of our dreams and
hard work.

Sherry’s connection to Marshfield and the South Shore goes back to her happy childhood summers, spent entirely in Marshfield. “We were here from the day school got out until the day before it began again in the fall.” It was no surprise that with those memories in tow and her love for the town by the sea that she made Marshfield her home 30 years ago.

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Sherry’s professional life started in the 1980s as an administrative recruiter, where she made her way to
a top producer. After a few years, she moved on to a sales coordinator position for a publishing company outside Boston. She had success and passion for the field, but the magazine sold shortly after her first child. It was then that she left to stay home and raise her family. That decision opened the door for her to a broadened perspective in her community and set the
stage for the work she does now.

When her kids were toddlers, she went back to work part-time at Sweetcakes, a local bakery. It was also during this time that she became involved in her children’s schools and interested in town events — and along the way, she began to starkly recognize the needs in the community.

When her life changed, she went to work full-time in the central office of the Marshfield Public Schools.
Sherry had a great ten years there, but the job wasn’t her passion, and she longed to get back into sales. She
also admits that as a single mom, finances were a struggle, and she was increasingly worried about the fate of her own home. Sherry knew the value of homeownership and the possibility of losing it, and it was that experience that made her determined
to turn her circumstances around.

Having had a long-time interest in real estate, she decided to work toward that goal, and in 2009 she got her license and began selling real estate on a part-time basis while working at the school department. After a few years of juggling both jobs, she left the school department to begin her fulltime career as a Realtor. 

Sherry is intensely passionate about her work, and she prides herself on her commitment to the job and her clients. Sherry lives by the belief that this job
centers around the clients.

“My clients’ best interest is always top of mind for me,” Sherry said. “It’s important that my clients understand
that and that they see that I’m willing to go to the ends of the Earth for them.”

Her proudest moments are when she knows she’s done an excellent job for her clients and takes delight in
accompanying them on their journey.

Sherry attributes her success to her authenticity, knowledge, experience, and honestly. She also prides herself on her ability to work effectively with her colleagues to manage negotiations necessary to finalize the outcome. That savvy has led her to surpass many of the goals she sets for herself.
Sherry’s real estate career has also opened the door to involvement in a few local charitable organizations and
the Marshfield Real Estate Cooperative organization. The group was formed five years ago and continues to meet regularly. While all Realtors are invited and welcome, the cooperative primarily works with local Realtors.

“The idea was that it’s a place where Realtors can learn about the available resources in the community, where we can help and how we can work

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“In times of trouble, this town comes together like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s amazing. It makes me very proud to be a part of this community.”

more effectively,” Sherry said. “We invite town managers and community
leaders to talk about their departments and organizations, and it provides an opportunity for open discussion.”

“These Realtors are fabulous; they’re dedicated to their craft, their community, to working together – and they work hard for their clients. They understand the contribution they make here; most, if not all, are involved in local organizations and charities that contribute to the well-being and growth of the town,” she added. “I am proud to be affiliated with every one of them.”

In addition, for the last four years, the group has partnered with the MPSD
School McKinney Vento Liaison and hosted a holiday fundraiser for students experiencing homelessness and families in need. The fundraiser started slow, but the support has been nothing shy of amazing over the last couple of years. We work together to make the holiday season a happy time for them.

“The idea that anyone is homeless is almost unthinkable to us, especially
in this profession,” she said. “We are pleased to be able to help these kids and families.”

Sherry enjoys giving back to the community she holds so dearly, and she values the importance of a sense of belonging within a community. Even with a thriving career and her work with the MREC, Sherry is involved with and supports several other local organizations. She is also in her 3rd year as a member of the Town’s Advisory Board, encouraging her to learn even more about the town.

Throughout many of her years here, Sherry has been involved in one way or another, watching and learning as the community flourished. She embraces the idea that it’s all meaningful.

“The townspeople are the face of the community, and we’re just a piece of
the bigger picture,” she said. “When we work together, our community

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is naturally stronger. In times of trouble, this town comes together like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s amazing. It makes me very proud to be a part of this community.”

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